aboutfashion experts on a mission to create a transparent fashion ecosystem

we are transparent, keep it simple and give it to you straight, to reach our vision of a transparent fashion ecosystem where consumers, brands and producers connect

We make sure that everyone can participate and talk in a way everybody understands, including everyone: allowing brands to share verified sustainability and ethical efforts with consumers and other stakeholders.

Our world is changing fast and this forces us to rethink what we consume. That’s why we believe consumers need authentic, verified information about the products they buy.
We are not idealistic, but progressive. With tex.tracer, we offer verified information and transparency, creating a new norm for the fashion ecosystem.

We address and solve and constantly challenge ourselves and our partners for the greater good: forward is the way.

the team

We’re a team of fashion experts on a mission. Together, we’ve been working in the textile industry for over 50 years and in more than 10 countries.

With our knowledge of and network in this industry, we know how the fashion supply chain works and what can be improved.
We envision a transparent fashion ecosystem that enables everyone to make educated decisions. That’s why we have built a blockchain-powered transparency platform, allowing users to unlock relevant supply chain information.

Together, we can build a transparent fashion community!
bart westerman
I live and breath the fashion supply chain
corin de jong
intern business development
Loving the combination of textiles & blockchain
fangfang gong
supply chain partner relations
A multi-cultural approach to onboarding helps our platform to stand out
graeme kelly
Business and IT join forces to create positive impact
jolanda kooi
Let’s change this industry from within, one step at a time
michelle reulink
business development
I love to make customers happy and to find the best pre-loved items
nikki admiraal
business development
Garment production is my thing, ask me about steps in the fashion supply chain
stephen edkins
Blockchain is the transparency enabler

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