At tex.tracer, we envision a better, more sustainable world, through a transparent fashion industry where consumers, brands and producers connect and engage. We developed tex.tracer to increase transparency in textile production. This platform allows users to unlock relevant supply chain information. What’s more, brands can share verified sustainability and ethical efforts with consumers. Our verified data offers valuable insight into the journey of fashion items.

Our world is changing fast and this forces us to rethink what we consume. That’s why we believe consumers need authentic, verified information about the products they buy. With tex.tracer, we offer verified information and transparency, creating a solid base for the new fashion ecosystem. 

Tejuben FFP Indian cotton farmer Bhetsuda

Our team

FFP tex.tracer workflow design

“I’ve been working happily in the fashion industry for over 15 years, but as a father of 3, I want to see change in our industry. This change needs to come from within the industry itself. With in-depth knowledge of the production process, we know what could and should be changed. This makes tex.tracer the go-to transparency platform.”

Bart Westerman

“Over the years, I have visited hundreds of factories in Asia and worked with people from each step in the supply chain. As I engaged with cotton farmers and sewing workers, I became passionate about the stories of these craftsmen and -women who bring to life the products we consume, use and wear day by day.”

Jolanda Kooi

Jolanda Kooi At the Chotila cotton fields p