Cotton farmer

Meet Tejuben, one of the cotton farmers who the Fair Fashion Productions team visited in Gujarat, India. If you scan a tex.tracer QR code, you might see her in step 1 of your product’s journey! 

The team met Tejuben at her house during the cotton harvesting season last year. She runs a cotton farming business with her husband and extended family and proudly showed the cotton fields, which are as big as 2 acres of land (8000 m2)! Farmers like Tejuben receive a Fairtrade premium for the cotton purchased under Fairtrade certification. This premium is used for community investments: both for the cotton community as well as the overall community. The Fairtrade premium has made it possible to install a drinking water collection point at Tejuben’s village centre.

This example really incorporates and supports our corporate values: transparency, sustainability and social standards. Thanks again, Tejuben!