why tex.tracerreduce workload, mitigate risk and create trust

The world is changing: consumers get more conscious of what they buy whilst governments are introducing more legislation on improving the environmental, ethical and social conditions in the fashion industry.

3 ways tex.tracer helps your business

Enable educated decisions
to de-risk your business
Reduce compliance burden
with data in 1 overview
Create trust by sharing
product supply chain insights

Many fashion brands have taken steps to improve working conditions and increase sustainability in the fashion industry.
But how do you show the real impact of your efforts and distance your brand from greenwashing?

transparency is the answer

tex.tracer is the key to verified transparency in the fashion supply chain. Our platform gives customers insight into the product’s journey, from material source to retail. By scanning an on-garment QR code, consumers see who made their clothes, how they are made, and what they are made of: verified transparency which builds brand trust and increases customer engagement.

tex.tracer unlocks relevant supply chain information and shares verified sustainability and ethical efforts with customers

stay up to date on the future of fashion