Get insight into
the details of your
products' journey

with our blockchain-powered
transparency platform for
fashion brands and retailers

Be the change
and unlock relevant
supply chain information

share verified sustainability and ethical efforts with consumers and other stakeholders

Redefining the definition of transparency
in clothing production

through insight into the fashion supply chain, tracing your product back to origin

tex.tracer THE platform for a transparent fashion supply chain

Many fashion brands have taken steps to improve working conditions and increase sustainability in the fashion industry.

But how do you show the real impact of your efforts and distance your brand from greenwashing?

TRANSPARENCY is the answer.

tex.tracer is the key to verified transparency in the fashion supply chain.

Our platform gives customers insight into the product’s journey, from material source to retail.

By scanning an on-garment QR code, tex.tracer shows them who made their clothes, how they are made, and what they are made of.

This verified transparency builds brand trust and increases customer engagement.

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tex.tracer unlocks relevant supply chain information and shares verified sustainability and ethical efforts with customers

How it Works

tex.tracer enables verification of each step in the supply chain, using Blockchain Technology.

Each supply chain partner uploads product data, pictures and documents in the tex.tracer web-app. Using this encrypted time-stamp and geo-location data, tex.tracer checks and verifies whether all uploaded information is produced at the claimed time and location.

In addition, the tex.tracer client dashboard gives access to all gathered information. Data which you can analyse and use to your benefit.

Why we are the THE transparency platform

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About Us

We’re a team of fashion experts on a mission. Together, we’ve been working in the textile industry for over 50 years and in more than 10 countries.

With our knowledge of and network in this industry, we know how the fashion supply chain works and what can be improved.

We envision a more transparent clothing industry. That’s why we have built a blockchain-powered transparency platform, allowing users to unlock relevant supply chain information.

Together, we can build a transparent fashion community!