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No time to waste, the world needs change. As a consumer, you are conscious of what you buy. Governments are introducing more legislation to reach sustainability goals. Brands and retailers need to be transparent. tex.tracer creates a radically transparent fashion ecosystem to enable the necessary change.

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what we do

The tex.tracer platform unlocks insightful supply chain information. The journey of your clothing item is mapped by data submitted by supply chain partners, vetted by peers and our blockchain-powered platform.

By offering verified insights we help the fashion industry to make educated decisions. Brands, retailers and supply chain partners, join us now:

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Why is Blockchain technology relevant to supply chain transparency?

To create real information integrity, it is key to know who uploaded what information at what time and place. Once this information is stored in the blockchain, it cannot be altered

How does tex.tracer reduce workload in a compliance department?

Moving from endless Emails and Excel sheets to a system with real-time and validated data as well as automated notifications regarding the expiry of e.g. certificates massively reduces the workload. Setting up your brand and its supply chain partners in tex.tracer does require time, but is intuitive. Once your supply chain is set up, the burden is minimal.

What is the extra value of real-time verified information on order level over static supply chain partner data?

Data verification in real-time dramatically increases the level of data reliability when compared to static data and it also gives insight in the actual production status. Furthermore, real-time verified data strongly reduces the risk of possible fraudulent actions, such as production in non-certified sub-factories, a common practice in the industry.


“tex.tracer enables us to find risk areas in our supply chain and reduces our reporting burden to the Agreement for Sustainable Garments & Textiles”
“the supply chain insights help us to make necessary improvements to our supply chain and this helps us to reach our sustainability goals”
State of Art
“a management system in which relevant information such as data about factories, materials, main risks and audits can be stored”

we envision a transparent fashion ecosystem that enables everyone to make educated decisions

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