Block.IS: Catalysing sustainable growth through Blockchain Innovation Spaces

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Title: Block.IS: Catalysing sustainable growth through Blockchain Innovation Spaces

The Block.IS project romotes resource efficiency, a greener environment, and enhanced competitiveness, which aligns with the European Union’s (EU) commitment to sustainable economic growth. The block.IS project is an innovative endeavor focused on re-industrialisation by leveraging cutting-edge blockchain technology. This project aims to establish a cross-border, cross-sectoral innovation ecosystem, particularly targeting the agri-food, logistics, and finance sectors. Blockchain, as an incorruptible digital ledger, is poised to revolutionise these industries by reducing bureaucracy, enhancing administrative efficiency, and instilling higher levels of trust in public record-keeping.

Key features of the Block.IS

- Innovation Ecosystem: Block.IS fosters an open and collaborative innovation ecosystem, bringing together stakeholders, especially SMEs and clusters, to catalyse cooperation and boost innovation-driven growth.

- Networking and Collaboration: The project's central goal is to catalyse collaboration by raising awareness of blockchain benefits. Through Cluster Missions and Clusters-Innovators Assembly, it networks diverse actors, fostering a deep understanding of blockchain's potential.

- Acceleration Program: Block.IS supports SME innovators through a comprehensive 'Innovate > Experiment > Commercialise' acceleration program. Providing technical and business support, along with direct funding, it acts as a bridge, guiding SMEs from ideation to commercialisation.

- Consortium and Outreach: The Block.IS consortium, a strategic alliance of tech founders, SMEs, clusters, associations, innovation specialists, and blockchain experts, boasts an outreach to over 1,017,000 SMEs, poised to make a significant impact on the European economy.

Role of tex.tracer in Block.IS:

tex.tracer, was selected as a a participant in the Block.IS project, and we have successfully secured a grant to invest in the further development of our platform, focusing specifically on private blockchain. This participation provides us with invaluable access to pan-European companies engaged in blockchain, offering profound insights into the latest developments in this transformative technology.

The Block.IS emerges as a beacon for empowering SMEs through blockchain innovation, aligning with the EU’s goals for sustainable growth. The inclusion of tex.tracer in the project exemplifies the collaborative spirit, leveraging grants and insights to contribute to the transformative potential of blockchain in the European business landscape.

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