Inspire by tex.tracer

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Inspire, connect & enjoy….3 things that go well together. At least, they did during the tex.tracer INSPIRE event in May.

We like to practice what we preach, so our motto ‘Together, we create a better fashion industry’ was put into practice during this day. With brands, retailers, consultants and other industry partners joined at our Houthavens office, the afternoon-turns-evening was packed with inspiring talks about the future of our industry.

Trend consultant Christine Boland spoke about how this decade is the decisive decade and how businesses have to act now to future proof their company by being part of the solution. Her all-important 3 principles of progress:

  • Reconsider values and interconnectedness
  • repair communality,
  • and reunite with nature.

    Our expert panel consisting of Mariska Schennink, Willa Stoutenbeek, Roosmarie Ruigrok and Olaf Zwijnenburg spoke about the practicalities. The 3 key take-aways from them on how to future-proof your business:
  • Connect & partner up with others: the future is all about creating meaningful partnerships. Tip: also defined in SDG 17 “Partnerships for the goals”.
  • Dare to fail and you won’t score a 10 immediately, so take a step-by-step approach and reconsider after each step.
  • And the hippies were right 😊 Well, that’s an interesting thought to consider!

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    Back to Christine’s words: we invite you to try and restore the connection at all levels in life. Together, we create a better fashion industry. We look forward to jointly work on this difficult yet exciting task.

    Stay inspired!