Supplier spotlight – BeConnected and Greenway, partners of Erve

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In February, two members of the tex.tracer team travelled to Tirupur, India, tovisit some of tex.tracer’s proud partners.

Amongst the visits, were the Indian office of BeConnected and main manufacturer Greenway, both partners of Erve, one of our valued clients. During these visits, we hadthe time to discuss their experience with our platform, collect feedback andget their take on topics such as transparency and sustainability.

BeConnectedis the sourcing-office for numerous European customers, and also part of Erve group. They have been using the tex.tracer platform for over a year now. During our visit at BeConnected, we spoke with Mahesh and Muthu, both entrusted with quality control and compliance. They shared their perspective on the significance of traceability and transparency and elaborated on how their seamless integration with tex.tracer has streamlined processes, particularly incompliance management.

 Mahesh: traceability is not merely a buzzword, but a cornerstone of trust and accountability in the global textile supply chain”. In continuation of this, he stressed how transparency is crucial in addressing challenges of the sector, and fostering industry-wide improvements to tackle those in the future.  

Furthermore,they elaborated on the operational enhancements brought about by the transparency efforts of Erve. Through the verified data on the tex.tracer platform, they now have a comprehensive overview of their support units and factories, facilitating better decision-making. In addition to this, they specifically outlined how the compliance module has reduced their workload by, for example, the compliance dashboard allows them to easily check which certificates are expiring.

Greenway manufacturing

At Greenway, we spoke with Dinesh, who joined the company 6 months ago. He provided insights into the operational scale of the facility and their commitment to transparency and sustainability. With 600 sewing machines and a daily production ranging from 12,000 to 18,000 garments.

Greenway is a big contributor to the garment production working with various brands, agencies, and importers, including Erve. Dinesh echoed Mahesh’s thoughts on the increasing demand for transparency, noting that consumers from the EU and US are increasingly seeking detailed information about the supply chain, including certifications. In response, Greenway has embraced transparency as a catalyst for positive change, aligning their practices with globally recognised standards such as Better cotton and utilising recycled materials to minimise their environmental impact.

Overthe past five years Erve has encouraged their suppliers to use organic GOTS certified products and incorporate more sustainable materials into their production process. This lead to BeConnected also taking their sustainability efforts to the next level. Mahesh outlined ambitious goals for the future, including tree plantation projects and the installation of solar panels, underscoring their commitment to sustainable practices. The same goes for Greenway, who, by integrating sustainable practices into their operations, are poised to address evolving customer expectations while driving positive social and environmental outcomes.

By utilising tex.tracer and increasing the collaboration between suppliers, Erve has created transparency throughout their supply chain, allowing them to get to know their sourcing partners, such as BeConnected and Greenway. These collaborative efforts and innovative solutions enhance operational efficiency and foster a more sustainable and transparent supply chain.

This underscores the power of collaboration, together we can create a better fashion ecosystem and more resilient future for the people and planet.

Greenway manufacturing