Unveiling the threads: common | era’s transparency journey with tex.tracer

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“It is important to feel good in the clothes you wear, and that you can tell something good about it.” That is the foremost important value of common | era and is why they are transparent about their product journey, their partners, and the materials they use. With their goal to maintaining a better world for the next generations, they started a collaboration with tex.tracer to educate and create awareness.

Strategic onboarding

During the onboarding phase, a clear plan for the upcoming year and goals were mapped out to have an understanding of the whole process and the importance of communicating the efforts needed from the supply chain partners’ side. This included meetings with the partners and explaining the purpose of transparency and how it affects them.

Before we started, we had been informed very clearly on how to proceed and to make strategic plans for convincing our supply chain partners.
Arno Weel, Co-founder common | era


The beginning of tracing their confectioning and fabric partners went smoothly as supply chain partners were also enthusiastic to step on board cooperating in every aspect. Tracing further down the chain was more complicated, but this was expected as it is a natural and common obstacle when starting with tracing the supply chains.

The goal of the first year was to have all confectioning (Tier 1) partners on board and with the support of the tex.tracer Client Success team, it was successfully reached much earlier. For the complete collection of common | era, the team has been able to onboard even up to Tier 4 (recycled material suppliers).  

Engaging consumers

The second step for common | era was to communicate the gathered data to their customers. All steps of the supply chain can be viewed on their website which leads to the journey of the garment mapped out by tex.tracer. This way, the consumer can be educated and make informed purchasing decisions.

We were sincerely inspired to show the supply chains on our website. It simply fits in our vision of how it should be.
Jasper van denk Dungen Co-founder common | era

Industry collaboration

Working together with tex.tracer showed how important it is to collaborate as an industry, not only with the brands but also with companies that contribute to creating awareness in society.